ProgPower Scandinavia 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Nostradameus from Sweden had the honour to open this year's ProgPower Scandinavia.

After an intimidating line outside, we finally entered into the warm cavern which was to host a number of bands over the next two nights. After acquiring a couple of beverages from the bar, we headed up to the side of the stage, where Nostradameus were already on their way to warm up the crowd. Actually, even though there had been a long line outside, and the crowd was rather big already here for the first band, there was still a respectful distance between the band and its onlookers.
Still, Nostradameus did their part in giving a no holds barred concert; with a rather heavy sound and Freddy Persson (vocals) doing a good job as frontman they still did get parts of the gathered people to get excited it seemed. Although they deserved more than is, in my opinion, the show was actually well performed on all accounts, and their music was also quite catchy. Probably people just needed a bit more time and beer to completely get the stiffness of the cold October winds out of their bodies.

"Anyone know our album Pathway?" (three or four arms were tentatively raised) "That's great, a lot of potential buyers out there!"
- Freddy Persson (vocals)

Not only lively on stage, Freddy also displayed a good mood and a good sense of humour. His speaking varied from English to Swedish and back, all the while trying to liven up the somewhat slow crowd.
And finally, for Time For Madness, their last song of the night he seemed to have success in breaking through, and parts of the crowd got their arms up to clap and swing a long before Nostradameus had to leave the stage.

Nostradameus did a good job of opening the show, and like the rest, had an impressively long time to play. Around fifty minutes I think it was, and that's pretty long considering there were four more bands to play that same night. The time was used well, and as a special treat, Nostradameus gave us quite a few songs from their new, unreleased album.


Wall Of Anger
Your Betrayal
MDCC AD. Pt. 2
The Mariner
Time For Madness

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