Deadsoul Tribe

ProgPower Scandinavia 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Finally, it was time for the band we had all been waiting for; Deadsoul Tribe. At least all of us here at Metalmoments. As I had positioned myself frontline and centre there was little I took notice of the rest of the crowd, but for the few times where I did look back, the room seemed pretty well-filled.

The band was surprisingly fit to play, considering how drunk they had seemed the day before. Also, the broken guitar problem which Devon Graves (vocals, multi-instrumental) had mentioned earlier didn't seem to bother the concert. The problem was that sometime during the flight to Copenhagen the toggle switch on both Devon's and Roland 'Rollz' Kerschbaumer's guitars had been smashed, but fortunately it seemed as they had managed to find someone to fix it for them.

They started the set off with the beautiful Goodbye City Lights from their latest release A Lullaby For The Devil, and from there on out they delivered one wonderful song after the other. I won't say that there weren't songs that I missed, how could there not have been, but I will say that the other songs I can think of should not have replaced any of the chosen ones; rather, they should have been added as extras. But I suppose that would have made for a very long evening.
However, as a welcome surprise for a finale, they had picked a cover from Devon's (there known as Buddy Lackey) previous band, Psychotic Waltz. The song was none less than the very heavy yet groovy Skeleton.

To describe the show I only need to look at my notebook. A short way into the concert Lunah stole it to write; "FANTASTIC! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!"
And what can I say, that just about sums it up I think.
I'm glad we had this chance to see Deadsoul Tribe one last time, because we heard a nasty rumour floating around the people at the ProgPower festival, stating that this was to be Deadsoul Tribe's final show. This was later confirmed by Devon, who also added that this was not a definite end, but he had two other projects going which would take all his time from now. So we should be sure to check them out when they hit the street. We will, rest assured we will.


Goodbye City Lights
Further Down
The Haunted
Angels In Vertigo
Some Things You Can't Return
Lost In You
Here Come The Pigs
My Dying Wish
Love Of Hate
Spiders And Flies
Flight On An Angels Wing
Skeleton (Psychotic Waltz cover)

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