ProgPower Scandinavia 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Opening up the second day of the ProgPower Festival was yet another Swedish act; Cloudscape.
This definitely seemed to sit better with the audience than the first days bands as the hall was already almost full, and people were really getting into the music. Me thinks there were quite a fair few Swedish fans who had dared cross the stormy waters to come see their countrymen.

The band gave a solid show, very in touch with the music and also good at connecting with the crowd between songs. At one point Mike Andersson (vocals) recognized a fan from the Netherlands and made him promise they would have a beer after the show, then he quickly added in a true Swedish manner; "Don't worry, I'll probably have a beer with all of you!"
There was also space for some advertising, as the new video for Cloak & Daggers was presented, and said to be found on YouTube.
For their last song there was also time and place for some crowd screaming as Mike would shout Under and the audience was quick to respond with Fire! This song also saw Mike getting off the stage and start rocking out with the crowd down on the floor, from where he also gave some of his vocal performance.

A very good and lively way to start the evening, which definitely raised the bar for the coming acts.


Mind Diary
And Then The Rain...
Everyday Is Up To You
Darkest Legacy
Breach In My Sanity
Cloak & Daggers
Will We Remain
Under Fire

(Note: there was also a longer setlist on stage, but I doubt they had time for all those songs)

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