Pagan's Mind

ProgPower Scandinavia 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Finally it was time for Pagan's Mind, the band I was looking the most forward to see on the first day of the ProgPower festival. I had good memories of seeing them right here at The Rock earlier this year as they supported Brainstorm on their Downburst tour.

Just as they had done last time, Pagan's Mind gave a playful and entertaining performance filled with good songs and band-members full of energy. Nils K. Rue was fashionably late getting on stage, only entering seconds before his first vocal line; Steinar Krokmo loved posing for the cameras with his bass and the rest of the band were also right on top of things, really living the music.

All this of course resulted in the best crowd attendance of all the shows on the first day. The room was packed with people, and all were right on cue with raising their arms with the familiar signs; and shouting along to the lyrics had not been louder all evening!
This was to be expected though, as the band had a great night and were caring for our needs as an audience. Nils offered up his microphone several times for the singing crowd in United Alliance, and when they played the favourite Through Osiris' Eyes the hall erupted in an all-out sing-along extravaganza.
Other songs that were played counted The Prophecy Of Pleiades, Hallo Spaceboy, Alien Kamikaze, New World Order (yeah, we heard every band has to have a song with this title - nils k. rue) and a long instrumental song which I don't know the title of. Pagan's Mind was sadly the only band where I didn't catch the complete setlist; I don't know their music well enough for that.

Again, great show. These Norwegians do know how to entertain, and I would not miss a chance at seeing them again in the future.

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