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Copenhagen, Denmark
Review coming
Dia Psalma, Gamla Pengar, Lyckliga Idioter
Babel, Malmö
Festival/venue news

There’s only one month left until more than 100 bands will take the stage at MetalDays. The three latest additions to the lineup are England’s Blitzkrieg who will replace M.O.D... Read more

Festival/venue news

Pre-sale of 1-Day-Tickets started! The wait is over: The pre-sale of 1-Day-Tickets for the MetalDays was finally launched! There’s a specific day at ... Read more

Festival/venue news

The metal pride of Copenhagen, the Copenhell festival, has just finished adding the last names to the billing of this year! See their own words about it below... "Finally the fu... Read more

Metalmoments news

One of the best things you probably missed about 2013 was the release of the astounding rock opera album Dreams In The Witch House – A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. I’ve actually w... Read more

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