Sweden Rock Festival - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Talk about a blast from the past!
Although the Californian/Finnish band Bigelf may look and sound the part, they are of a much more recent date however, clearly giving themselves away when vocalist/keyboardist Damon Fox introduced one of their songs as being a big YouTube hit… Shame on you guys, at least try and keep up the appearance, ha ha!

Although Bigelf was on at the same time as Grave Digger, another band which I had plans of seeing, there was no doubt in my mind as to which of the two would get my visit now that they were playing simultaneous.
There was a reasonable amount of people gathered with me in front of the stage, considering the early hour at which they were playing, and the less than dry weather we were handed, which bothers were turned to null as we saw Fox enter in his smashing coat and tophat outfit, and the rest of the band looking like late 60ies/early 70ies survivors sporting impressive beards, vintage leather jackets and too tight pants.
The organ howled as the heavy, doomy music rolled out over the festival grounds and created a perfect atmosphere and start of the new day. How could anyone hearing the thumping bass, slow but relentless drums, fuzzy guitar and the furious hammering of the keys not feel swept away to a time and place where things aren’t quite as complicated and depressing as the mundane world around us?

Looking away from the music for a minute, I was also quite taken pleasantly surprised to how accomplished a stage behaviour the band possessed; not that it was the largest crowd in the world, but Fox held a great contact with everyone at all times, and I don’t believe there was a single comment or question shouted from the audience which went unanswered. Someone called out “I love you!”, and was immediately answered “I love you too, let’s have a beer later on!”, and when someone else shouted for Frustration he just shook his head, commenting “That old stuff...” with a smile on his face.

Sadly, no songs at all were played from that first EP, but we were still given a nice and varied set opened by Neuropsychopathic Eye and ended by Money Machine. In between Disappear was dedicated to the lost friend and earlier band-mate Andy H.M. Butler-Jones, who passed from us late last year.

As I’ve already mentioned Bigelf’s show put me in a great mood, and I felt that the day couldn’t possibly wrong after such a start. The rest of the bands had something to live up too...

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