Death Angel

Sweden Rock Festival - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda (vocals) told us they were really happy to finally be playing Sweden Rock Festival, and I can only say that we were really happy to have them here as well!
He also told us about playing the Sweden Rock Cruise (SRF’s mini festival played on a ferry) and that he recognized a lot of faces from that show. I wouldn’t know about that, but seeing how friendly Death Angel usually is with their audience, I certainly wouldn’t put it past them!

Yet again I noted a new face behind the bass, and I began wondering why it seems so hard for this band, who in my eyes have for as long as I’ve known them been one of the friendliest and outgoing acts of the scene today, why is it so hard for them to keep people in the band?
The new kid, named Damien Sissom (as far as I’m informed), seemed to me a spitting image of one of our times greatest bass-legends, Cliff Burton. Just check the photos, and I think you’ll know what I mean… But that being a side-note, the most important thing was still how he got along with the band; and from what I could see, things were going great, and he looked as though he could have been playing with these guys forever.

Anyway, the show commenced by kicking our teeth in from the first moment with Lord Of Hate, and the band was as lively as ever. Especially Osegueda seemed to be bursting with energy with energy, so much in fact hat his band-mates seemed to have a hard time keeping up with him, or getting out of his way when needed!
The audience was a different note altogether though; they were remarkably passive, considering the band and performance they were given. Not that they didn’t seem pleased though; as soon as it was asked for, mighty roars were let loose and devil-horns were raised to the skies. Still, it wasn’t till far into the set, when Kill As One (played in tribute of Ronnie James Dio, upon who’s stage Death Angel were playing today) was played that I saw the first moshpit arise. Finally, the energy started to settle in the crowd as well.

All good things must come to an end however, and as this was a festival with many great concerts I, very regrettably, found myself unable to stay for the full duration of the show. But for as far as I did get to see, I would definitely consider this yet another victory for the Bay Area thrashers.
I just hope it won’t be too long till next time…

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