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Sweden Rock Festival - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Ever and always entertaining band D-A-D started their gig at Sweden Rock by putting a big smile on everyone’s faces by using an audio-clip of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets show as an intro.
After this, it was pretty clear where this was headed…

There is no denying the popularity of this Danish act here in Sweden; for a while, while turning my head out towards the crowd I had to ask myself if this was possibly the largest audience gathering at the festival so far this year. There’s a good chance it was.
And for good reasons; D-A-D were, as they always are, putting on the show of a life-time, providing good songs and great entertainment to the rock’n’fun hungry Swedes, straight from the starting True Believer to the finishing Marlboro Man.
The show was jam-packed with humour, like the time singer/guitarist Jesper Binzer took the far-fetched story of Sweden Rock Festival being placed upon an old bird sanctuary into a way of mocking Sweden for not being a part of the Football World Championship and further using it as an intro to the song Reconstrucdead; but the show was also filled to the brim with special effects, as the band made heavy use of pyro-technics (actually warming up a large portion of the festival with them) as well as bassist Stig Pedersen’s now classic gimmick with a Mohawk made of sparklers.

No good rock-show without a good sing-along you might say, and there was plenty of room for audience participation this day as well.
I have already mentioned the audience-sung intro for Reconstrucdead, and in the nr. 1 hit Sleeping My Day Away the crowd took over the singing completely for large parts of the song. After the band returned for the not so surprising encore guitarist Jacob ‘Cobber’ Binzer began to lead us into the famous Swedish folksong Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind, until he changed his mind and began playing Laugh ‘n’ A ½ instead.
And no D-A-D show can go without the mandatory Come On Laust chant, although I must say that this particular event dragged on for a bit too long this day...

All in all, I’d have to say that this was a well delivered D-A-D concert, containing more or less everything I could have hoped for.
It wasn’t the best D-A-D concert I have ever seen, but it was definitely both good and entertaining, and I don’t think anyone in the oversized crowd lacked anything at the end of it.

Setlist (incomplete):

True Believer
Point Of View
Everything Glows
Grow Or Pay
Riding With Sue
The Road Below Me
Isn’t That Wild
Monster Philosophy
Bad Craziness
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh ‘n’ A ½
Marlboro Man

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