Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After a long run of death metal, it was time to shake things up a bit, and who would be better to do so than Max Cavalera and Soulfly?
With their jungle rhythms and hard-beating modern thrash-metal, they were a perfect choice to get people back on their feet and partying.

”Under a Slovenian sky we shall Arise!”
- Max Cavalera (vocals/guitar)

As always, Soulfly presented us to a good mix of their own material, and choice cuts from the Sepultura back-catalogue.
This was, also as always, well received by the large amount of people who had gathered, and after screaming along with Blood, Fire, War And Hate to the first song (guess which), the crowd was ready to give its all in a devastating moshpit. Other activities later on included jumping da fuck up, during Seek ‘N’ Strike mostly, but also during the 20 or so seconds the eponymous track was played as an intro to Eye For An Eye, a giant circlepit for Refuse/Resist and an equally furious wall of death for Unleash. Roots Bloody Roots was a real crowd-pleaser as always, just as the short use of Pantera’s Walk as an in-between two other songs was, and the concert was ended by a loud Olé Olé Soulfly chanting from a crowd who was definitely ready for more…
And then there was this guy… I can only guess the reason, but throughout the entire gig he stood in stark contrast to the volcanic eruption of human activity around him as he was standing in the first row, casually slouched over the fence as he peacefully slept the show away!

The band was full of life as well, and jumped and ran across the stage almost as intensely as the people watching them. This is nothing new to people who have seen this outfit before, but it is a very welcome energy-boost nevertheless.
Well yes, the band was lively, but one who surely was in dire need of the energy-boost they were so generously providing was the frontman, Max Cavalera, himself. He didn’t really seem tired or anything (although I guess he could have been), but he still gave a very lazy performance, where he mostly hung around his mic-stand and didn’t really do anything; even headbanging seemed too hard most of the time. His biggest contribution to the show, except his vocals, was that he constantly changed shirts between several of the songs. Possibly he was wearing them all to start with, and only removed layers as the show was getting hotter; at least he looked pretty darn big in the military jacket he appeared in at the beginning of the show. Still, a bit more than shirt-changes is required to create a gripping show, so he was lucky his band-mates were up to the task…

Soulfly was plagued by a very poor sound, especially so in the beginning where both guitars were completely lost in the mix. It got better throughout, but never really good. Cavalera’s lack of enthusiasm was a also a major drawback, but the concert did provide a few goodies as well, as the guest drumming by Max Cavalera’s son Igor in Attitude, and various other drumming and singing guests who’s names I cannot recall for the life of me…
Still, the end-result was a bit mixed, and I felt that even though it had been reasonably enjoyable, I have definitely seen these guys do better than this in the past. A bit forgettable, I’m afraid…

Setlist (incomplete):

Blood Fire Hate War
Back To The Primitive
Seek ‘N’ Strike
I And I
Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)
Bloodbath & Beyond
L.O.T.M. / Walk (Pantera cover)
Attitude (Sepultura cover)
Territory (Sepultura cover)
Carved Inside
Arise (Sepultura cover)
Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura cover)
Jumpdafuckup / Eye For An Eye

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