Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Nevermore was the first band for us at Metalcamp, anno 2010, and we were hoping for something excellent to kick of the week-long party that this festival is.
Only problem was, Nevermore were plagued by some technical and some physiological problems throughout, and had a hard time delivering…

There was a fair amount of people gathered to see Nevermore play, and they were standing around in a nice and orderly fashion, not always the best at a hard-hitting metal show, but on the other side, they weren’t getting much from the band to work with either.
Actually, the performance of the band felt quite lethargic, to put it in long words, and it was mostly their bassist Jim Sheppard and vocalist Warrel Dane who wandered the stage a bit while the rest mostly stayed put in their places. Still, it was a rather happy band we saw, most visibly reflected in the constant smiles of live-guitarist Attila Vörös.
Dane wasn’t one to let the crowd stand too idly by either, and for Your Poison Throne he was widely successful in getting everyone to chant along with the word ‘rise’, and after wishing for it, he also got a small moshpit going for Born, and in general people were quite happy to headbang and raise their horns when the times called for it.
Towards the end Dane got a bit ahead of himself, and accidentally announced The Heart Collector as the title track of their latest album (The Heart Collector is from 2000’s Dead Heart In A Dead World, and the title of the latest album is The Obsidian Conspiracy).
He wasn’t feeling completely well either, it would seem; during This Godless Endeavor Dane caught a bad cough, which made it very hard for him to sustain the longer tones in his singing, and he fell out of tune a few times.

A bad sound-mix didn’t really help Nevermore along either, and all these problems, in addition to the fact that I’ve never found the bands’ music all that interesting, sadly made the first concert of the festival quite a flop.

Setlist (incomplete):

Beyond Within
Your Poison Throne
Inside Four Walls
The Termination Proclamation
This Godless Endeavor
The Heart Collector

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