Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It might feel as an odd choice to put two folkmetal acts at the same time considering it is still a pretty small genre, at least compared to other specializations of metal such as thrash, death or black...
Still, as Korpiklaani and Metsatöll were playing a little bit staggered in time, we were able to use the latter’s concert as a nice after-party to the formers, and also as a festive ending to the day.

As you can figure out by yourself, Estonian folkmetal band Metsatöll (ancient word used for wolves) played on the 2nd Stage, and late at night at that, but even so they had managed to pull a nice crowd for their show, and they were clearly dedicated to the task of giving us a performance to remember. Especially Lauri ‘Varulven’ Õunapuu displayed a great knowledge of all the common rock-poses, but with all the uncommon instruments; an example was him utilizing the old guitar-behind-the-neck trick, but instead of the guitar he used a bag-pipe! He was also an avid user of flutes and other, more archaic instruments, which all served to lift the visuals and the sounds of the show and music.
Not that the rest of the band wasn’t worth mentioning, they were also rocking the stage, standing there out in the woods, a most fitting surrounding for this type of band.

I didn’t really know Metsatöll from before, I had only heard a small portion of music found online, but there seemed to be at least a couple or more fans gathered in the darkness of the night to watch them, and they were having a party as they did so. I saw several Estonian flags waved around, but if this was due to fandom for the band, or that the guests were also from said country I could for good reason not tell.
Not that it mattered though, what mattered was that everyone had fun, and to me all who had come out to watch looked very content with what they were given.
I on my part felt that this was the perfect ending to the day, and I was able to walk back to my tent, smiling all the way. This is how a show should be done.

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