Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

First of, a surprise. Where did all the people come from? If you've read my Zonaria review from this show, you might remember me commenting the fact that there were absolutely no people on the floor, but when Pain went on, the place was, if not packed, then at least reasonably well filled.
Again, in contrast to Zonaria, Pain had a very good sound this evening, with the one exception being On And On, which sadly had a very low sound-volume on the keyboards.

The band showed a great load of energy, probably giving it a bit more than usual as a thanks and good-bye to their warm-up band. They also showed a good sense of humour, both in their prank against the aforementioned band, and in rearranging their backdrop so instead of reading Pain it said Pina, which could roughly be pain translated to Swedish. Of course, Peter & co. were not free from having a couple of pranks played on themselves as well. For instance, when Tiamat's bass-player Anders Iwers was playing on-stage bartender, or when Zonaria and friends took the stage wearing nothing but pink tank-tops and their underwear pulled too far up, demanding to be spanked. Now there's an image that will haunt me... Oh, and lets not forget the guy with the weird face-paint from the crowd who jumped up on stage during Zombie Slam.

Newest addition to the line-up was Johan Husgafvel (8th Sin, Plague Divine) on bass, a place that formerly has been filled by Alla Fedynitch (Disillusion, Eyes Of Eden, Enemy Of The Sun), Andre Skaug (Clawfinger) and Peter Iwers (In Flames). Still with the band is guitarist Michael Bohlin (8th Sin), who took over for Alicia Vayne (Jesus on Extasy), and on drums is the same guy who's been with the band since the Dancing With The Dead tour. Regrettably, I have been unable to locate his name.

The band had a very good connection with the audience throughout the entire show, with more talking in between songs than usual, showing Peter in a very good mood. This was also reflected in the fact that they chose to play three whole songs which were not included on this nights setlist. Impressive!


Same Old Song
Nailed To The Ground
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover)
Suicide Machine
Injected Paradise
Zombie Slam
Stay Away
On Your Knees
End Of The Line
Walking On Glass
It's Only Them
Just Hate Me
Clouds Of Ecstasy
On And On
Dancing With The Dead
Shut Your Mouth

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