Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The Pain-train had finally, after 20 years running, found a place to stop in my country, Denmark, and I’d be damned if I was about to miss it!

“If you wanna have fun, call me!”
- Peter Tägtgren (vocals/guitar)

Sure, this was the third time seeing the band on this particular tour, so I figure I had a pretty good idea about what was to come, but still, an opportunity like this apparently only shows up on the rarest of occasions, so here I was.
It’s pretty funny actually – although they were playing a festival here, the Aalborg Metal Festival, the entire day was set aside solely for Pain and the bands that supported them on the tour, so in a way, it was just like another normal concert date. Well, with the exception of one minor, local band thrown in for good measure (but the less said about them, the better), and the fact that Pain hadn’t built up their new and fresh stage decoration. Not sure why this was, but it would have been nice to see again, and I’m sure the people that had shown up for the concert wouldn’t mind it either.

Something else I wouldn’t mind seeing, was a bit more energy in the band. Don’t get me wrong, they were playing a professional and well-delivered show, but it didn’t reach anywhere near either of the two German gigs I had been at. Peter Tägtgren was actually the biggest entertainer this evening, where André Skaug again held more back on his headbanging, and Greger Andersson didn’t have so many places to play around at. Sebastian Tägtgren, who had really upped his game the day before in Hamburg, was once again a bit anonymous in his performance.
There were places where Pain’s performance really shone through, but they were only places, instead of it being from start to finish.

The puppets and masked men had it better though, and the Pain-head figure was crawling all over the place, even taking a turn towards the audience, reaching out over the security pit, before leaving the stage by himself. What had happened to the man in the bowler had, who had stunned him in Hamburg, I guess we’ll never know.
Joakim Brodén, or at least his avatar at the show, had a lot of fun as well, playing around for a long time during his song, and even having some beer, just for the hell of it! These parts worked really well here in Aalborg.

And the Metal Festival was packed by now. Admittedly, I believe all of the fans were located on the first and second row, whereas the rest were just happy to hang out, and get drunk on the first night of the festival, but the atmosphere was good. For the type of hillbilly party that this was.
Still, the fans that were there, made as good a ruckus as they possibly could, singing along to the songs, and shouting appreciatively between them. And I had fun. Regarding the sing-along part though, I was a bit surprised to see that Black Knight Satellite, as the only song, had been cut from the setlist. This is, after all, the song from the latest album, that has been out for the longest, and thus should be the best known of the new ones. Not sure if it was more or less surprising to again see that Shut Your Mouth wasn’t even on the setlist, but still got played however.
This may not have been as glorious a concert as the one in Hamburg, but I’m damn glad I was there to witness it, enjoying it, and I certainly did my part to show some Danish love for this Swedish band.


Designed To Piss You Off
Suicide Machine
The Great Pretender
A Wannabe
Zombie Slam
Monkey Business
End Of The Line
It’s Only Them
Pain In The Ass
I’m Going In
Coming Home
Call Me
Dirty Woman
Same Old Song
Shut Your Mouth

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