Gimle, Roskilde - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Denmark’s premium doom act, Saturnus, visited Gimle in Roskilde in late January.
Even though they didn’t have any new music to present, and was in stark competition with another high-profile show not too far away, they went at it much gusto.

“It’s super cool that so many showed up! Especially considering that When Copenhell Freezes Over is sold out. Thanks a lot!”
- Thomas A. G. Jensen (vocals)

Incredibly, or no. I should say impressively.
Impressively, Gimle was fast filling with people, when it was time for Saturnus to play. The low and laid back attendance for the support, Woebegone Obscured, had worried me a little, but suddenly the crowd size doubled! Alright, we weren’t closing on selling out here, but it was an impressive amount of support the band was shown.
And why not? The band was in excellent shape. Before the music began, Jensen took a lap in front of the stage, shaking peoples hand and greeting them to the show.
Then it was up on the stage. A short, recorded intro, violins I believe, which then led us straight to the heavy stuff. The first song to grace our ears was Litany Of Rain, and immediately we could hear that the sound guy was still well at work, making sure we could hear everything the way we were supposed to. Luckily, he had woken the light guy up, and we were now given a proper visual side, to add to the already accomplished audio.

Most importantly though, was of course the band. I have already mentioned that they were in a good mood, but I wish to impress upon you just how good it was. Just because you play gloom and doom, doesn’t mean you have to be doomy and gloomy about it. Saturnus proved this beyond the reason of a doubt this night.
The entire band, including the live guitarist who’s identity escapes me, was energetic. They were playful and teasing. And most of all, they were attentive. If someone wanted knuckles during the show, they got it. If someone made an obscure song request, they were answered with a “Brian (Pomy Hansen, bass) knows all the songs that the rest of us have forgotten. You should talk to him about it.” And if someone wanted a selfie with the band, mostly after the show, you could be sure they got that as well. I’m looking at you, man from Georgia!

“You’re not doing anything tomorrow, right?”
- Jensen (vocals)

Not surprisingly, this attitude infected the crowd as well. Everyone dared approach the stage now, having had some liquid courage poured into them, and here they were now ranging from outright headbanging to some serious looking nodding. Between songs, cheers and bursts of applause resounded around the room. Sure, some had had a bit more liquid courage poured into them than others, but mostly the atmosphere was great, and concentrated on the show at hand.
For this, or just for the heck of it, Saturnus thought it prudent to give the fans their money’s worth, and played on and on. And on. And when they had finally finished off with Christ Goodbye, everyone was well filled up, and ready to leave – well, everyone except Jensen. He waited until his band mates were mostly off the stage, then turned a wry grin, and asked the crowd if they really didn’t want one more? Of course we did! And so it was back to the stations, boys, and on they played once more!
Also, when I said Saturnus didn’t have any new music to present, that wasn’t entirely true. What I meant was, that they didn’t have a new album up their sleeve, but that didn’t stop them from performing a new song. Thorns it was called, and it fell well into the very long, very heavy end of the scale of what the band does. So there’s something to look forward to!

I don’t know what was in store or those who visited the other show mentioned, but they surely missed out on something here. Saturnus proved not only that they deserve the crown and ring of Danish doom, but also that they are a band that does this not for fame or fortune, but rather because this is what they love doing, and want to keep doing it. That was, at least, what I got from the show, and it was good.


Litany Of Rain
To The Dreams
Inflame Thy Heart
Empty Handed
I Love Thee
Wind Torn
Forest Of Insomnia
Rain Wash Me
Murky Waters
I Long
Christ Goddbye
A Father’s Providence


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