Woebegone Obscured

Gimle, Roskilde - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Denmark’s best known doom band, Saturnus, was headlining a night at Gimle. As support, they had brought along a band less known, but dare I say, even more doomed.

Woebegone Obscured hail from Jutland, and apparently opened store back in 2003, with their debut album Deathstination hitting the market in 2007.
The game is blackened funeral doom, and the band plays by the rules. They’re slow, deep, slow, hard, slow, and heavy. Oh, and did I mention the tempo? Yeah, it’s not great.
Don’t get me wrong, on a good day, I can easily get into this, the deepest and darkest corner of the metal basement, but after a hectic day like this had been, it took me a little time to connect.
Once that was done however, I could better appreciate the veritable wall of sound that Woebegone Obscured delivered. Once you get into it, there are up’s and down’s in this type of music, changes in tempo (if you would believe it) and character, and this band knew exactly how to play it. Vocalist D. Woe didn’t spend a second of the stage-time addressing the audience, as far as I could tell (the band had hit the stage shortly prior to our arrival), but his voice reflected doom and despair when the music was playing.
Physically, he got more and more into it as the show progressed, and the rest of the band was, for the chosen style, quite into it as well. Nothing wild of course, but there was some heavy nodding going on at times.

The light-man seemed to have left the building, or maybe he hadn’t even arrived in the first place, making the visual part of the show quite static, but on a plus side, the sound was actually quite alright, and everything was well represented, even when standing in the place where good sound usually comes to die – the first line.
This wasn’t a hard place to get to, mind you, as the hall was quite roomy, but there weren’t too many people in. Not yet at least. There was a single, dedicated headbanger at the front. Other than that, people were mostly hanging close to the bar, or huddling around the few tables placed around the hall.
Even so, Woebegone Obscured got a decent reply from the audience, and hopefully a new fan or two for the trouble.
So, if you’re into the whole funeral doom scene, I’d say check this band out, they’re definitely worth a try. If not, well, they probably won’t win you over. Either way, I had a pleasant time with them. They helped set the stage for what was to come and delivered a good atmosphere, which meant they did exactly what they were supposed to.

Woebegone Obscured

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