Vega, Copenhagen - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Only entering at the end of the set of Engel, I didn't have too much time to form an opinion of these Swedes.

Actually, it was also the first time ever that I heard them. Judging by the name I had thought it to be some kind of German synth/goth music, but I was quite wrong. Their style was more of a melodious neo-thrash, in the same line as In Flames and Soilwork. From the 3 songs I did hear, I can't say that I felt something unique about Engel, but don't understand this as though I thought it was bad. What they might have lacked in individualism, they did their very best to make up for in pure energy.

Even though the place at this point was only about half full, they really seemed to give it their all, and it showed in the part of the crowd that had managed to drag their feet away from the bar. It is seldom that you see any action to a relatively small warm-up act, but Engel had devil horns flying high and heads banging hard.
They were good, not grabbing me too much, but I wouldn't mind seeing them again. And I have...

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