Mejeriet, Lund - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Again we manage to enter at the very end of the set, but since I know a bit more of what to expect this time around, I find it easier to just take the show in and enjoy myself. Because these guys are entertaining to watch. Not in a ha ha way, but in the way that I truly feel they are giving their all to give a good performance. Maybe it's just because they are back on Swedish soil, or maybe it's something else, but they just seem that wee bit more energetic than last night in Copenhagen. This is also well reflected in tonight's audience, who are adding a lot of energy by themselves as well.

First of two things that stood out for me this evening was the song Trial And Error, which was a bit calmer than the rest of the songs, and a bit more melodic. The other was the big mosh-pit they got going during Propaganda (not a Sepultura cover).
My suspicion from last night about the origin of the band was confirmed tonight when the singer spoke in a clearly Gothenburg-ish dialect in between songs. Not so strange about characteristic sound then...
On that note, the sound for this evening was superb.

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