Klubsen, Hamburg - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Following the now known order of things, Dynazty was up next, giving the possible power metal fans in the audience something to shout about. Billion Dollar Babies had done a good job warming the crowd up moments earlier, and now it was up to Dynazty to keep the energy flowing.

The audience had grown a little bit, but not enough to be felt. Still, Dynazty would have to work for a living. The Hamburg crowd weren’t here to see them after all, and yet they would hopefully make enough of an impact to be remembered afterwards.
Like Billion Dollar Babies, I could see that the time on the road had done the band well. Sure, they had been lively in Berlin as well, but it was nothing compared to where they were now. Nils Molin was still happy to talk about the band’s connection with Peter Tägtgren, not a bad thing to do under the circumstances, and when he could fit it in, he was also ready to try and inspire a bit of audience participation. For example, there was the classic power metal shout along, where he asked the crowd to shout “Fire! Flames! Fury!”. The entire crowd, of course. Four or five responded to his plea.
No, the audience was definitely not here to hear Dynazty, and even though they did everything they could to win the Hamburg audience over, they never got very far with it.

Even though they had upped their game tremendously, Dynazty was also the low-point of the evening for me. Remember though, that the overall level was very high, so this should not be taken as they were doing a bad job. They were in fact doing a very good job, just not as good as the rest of the bands.

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