Astra, Berlin - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Leaving the hard rock behind with Billion Dollar Babies, we were now heading in a direction headliner Pain has definitely never dealt with – power metal!
But, on the other hand, Pain frontman Peter Tägtgren produced Dynazty’s latest album, Titanic Mass, so in that respect, it makes good sense why this Swedish quintet was supporting Pain on this tour.

“Berlin, how are you doing?! (silence) Wow, what a response. Let’s try that again! (slightly less silent) Much better!”
- Nils Molin (vocals)

Astra was about half filled with guests by now, and it seemed the atmosphere was rising. Not quickly, but it was on the way up at least.
Dynazty, on their hand, didn’t let anything bother them however, and did what they could to put on a showy performance. They hadn’t brought any stage decorations by themselves, as far as I could see, but Pain’s build-up still took up most of the stage, so the place was quite cramped. Still, the band members posed and moved about, as they played their way through their 30-minute set, same as Billion Dollar Babies.
Overall Dynazty displayed a good vibe and energy, which is vital to a band like this, but unfortunately, I just didn’t find the music very compelling. I was high-speed to midrange power metal, no surprises, nothing unique. And that bass solo, regardless of how short it was, was certainly something I could have done without!

What the German crowd thought about the band, is hard to tell. There was a little bit of headbanging in the front, and Dynazty got a few shouts along the way, but I think they would have done better, supporting a band from their own genre. I just don’t think that the majority of the crowd was right for this sort of think, especially not on a night like this. Heck, I like me some power metal from time to time, and even I thought it felt out of place here!
Being a relatively unknown band still, Dynazty could have done a bit more to introduce themselves, and their music. I know that time was short – 30 minutes ain’t much! – but it would still have been nice to know what they were playing, for future reference. As it was, I only walked away with on song title from the show, something called Starlight, which was the last song of the evening.

Exactly where in all this, the Tägtgren production made its appearance, I cannot say, but in regards of him being good to find support bands, things weren’t looking very bright so far.

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