Billion Dollar Babies

Klubsen, Hamburg - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

So, back on tour with Pain again, this time in good old Hamburg. Billion Dollar Babies was still the first support band, and they were about to hit the stage.

“You people didn’t come out on a Friday! Or Saturday! No, you came out on a, eh, Wednesday?”
- Frankie Rich (vocals)

Even though Frankie Rich seemed to be a little bit confused about the days of the week, he wasn’t at all confused about where he was (on stage), and what he was supposed to do there.
Not too many had shown up yet, and they were quite spread out and respectfully calm, so he had his job cut out for him in raising the atmosphere.
Luckily, this was exactly what he did, together with his band mates of course. In fact, I reckon Billion Dollar Babies gave a far superior show this time around than they had done in Berlin, when we saw them there. Sure, they didn’t have much place to move about on again, as we had another small stage, mostly filled with Pain’s equipment, but the fact that the tour was now well underway, seemed to have helped. They had had some more time to get comfortable and synced with each other, that much was clear to anyone, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

Personally, I’ll have to admit that my expectations weren’t too high to begin with. I hadn’t exactly been taken with them at our last meeting, but from the second they stepped on stage here at Klubsen, their energy nearly swept me off my feet. I was totally unprepared by this, and I mean it in the best sense!

Billion Dollar Babies

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