The Vision Bleak

Klubsen, Hamburg - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The night was growing darker, and it was time for the wolves to go hunt their prey.
Yes, it was time for the third and final support band of the night, The Vision Bleak, to inspire some life into the audience at Klubsen, Hamburg, before the main act made its appearance.

Now, if I thought Billion Dollar Babies and Dynazty had upped their game since Berlin, and they had, it was nothing compared to The Vision Bleak!
Sure, they still had very little stage space to work with, less even than what they had had in Berlin I believe, as the gravestone decoration was moved further back, and the drummer was placed out on the right side of the stage, but the energy was through the roof!
There was still no bass player around, and the band had at some point during the tour changed their live guitarist to Christian ‘Marrok’ Brauch (Anomalie), who despite not having had a chance to rehearse with the band once before joining them, did a very good job of both playing and performing. Not as smiling as the last guy, but fittingly intense in the right places.
The sound was luckily also up to snuff now. There had been some level issues in Berlin, but they were all smoothed over now, giving the experience that little extra push. On that note, Konstanz was more at home in his vocals as well, and didn’t fear smiling from time to time. He was still speaking in German however, so I still didn’t understand a word of what was being said.

I’m not so sure the audience did either however.
There was no doubt that the band was delivering a much stronger show this time around, but the audience didn’t really react or respond to it. They just stood there, no matter how hard The Vision Bleak tried at pumping up the atmosphere. Well, ok, admittedly the first few rows raised their horns when asked to, but it wasn’t the amount of response the band deserved for coming so far over the edge of the stage!
Well, at least I was happy. I had had my doubts about this band after Berlin, but they were all put to shame here in Hamburg. I even enjoyed shouting Kutulu! (editor’s note: even though we all know it’s actually spelled Cthulhu)


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