Karmøygeddon - 2012

Text: Sean Pickering Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The next band to teach the Norwegians (and myself!) a nice lesson in what metal is all about is the so called queen of metal: Doro Pesch from Germany!

There are some experiences that you never forget in life, and today, my first concert from Doro is one of these!
The concert started 10 minutes late, but that wasn’t enough to kill the spirit. The venue is now packed and the magic started when Doro jumped on stage!
She has been touring since before I was born, but that has not made her loose her passion for music. She is incredibly energetic on stage and fit, I have rarely seen someone jump around and move so much on stage, I was impressed!

Amongst the succession of hits they played was the song Für Immer, quite a slow and sad song, the feeling that the live version gave was very surprising: she somehow managed to make it happy! It was just amazing! Her energy, she sincerely looks happy, that was one impressive way to adapt a great studio track into a great live track.
They played a new song also called Raise Your Fist In The Air that will be released on the new album, quite a good song, especially good for live conditions (as the title can suggest).
They also played the traditional Breaking the law that she dedicated to one of the fans in the front row, first in an acoustic version, then the metal version.
For the last song of the 80 minute set she asked the audience if they had a “special wish”, but that didn’t really work; either she couldn’t hear the crowd or something so they just played a song of the bands choice. The so called “Queen of Metal” and her band complete yet another concert with a satisfied crowd.

Setlist (incomplete):

Earthshaker Rock (Warlock cover)
I Rule The Ruins (Warlock cover)
Running From The Devil
Burning The Witches (Warlock cover)
The Night Of The Warlock
Burn It Up
Without You (Warlock cover)
Metal Racer (Warlock cover)
True As Steel (Warlock cover)
Für Immer (Warlock cover)
Haunted Heart
We Are The Metalheads
Raise Your Fist In The Air
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)
All We Are (Warlock cover)

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