KB, Malmö - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Not many of the old heroes from the eighties still work their magic today as they did then, and even fewer of these are the female rockers. If you combine the two, there really is only one name you are left with, and that is Doro. I guess this is why there can be only one true metal-queen…

Not only has she kept her style, looks and uncompromising energy, but there is also a wit behind all that which knows how to create new classics as well as being so in touch with the audience that she knows which oldies to pull out of the sleeve to create a perfectly balanced atmosphere…
And she’s collected a great group of musicians around her, all of whom are equally dedicated to creating a kick-ass show. Is there anything she can’t do?
Well, most surprisingly she couldn’t sell KB out on a Saturday night. Not that she wasn’t worth every penny, but it was a very expensive concert, and I can see no other reason than this as to why the audience wasn’t flocking around. Now, I might have made it sound as though there weren’t many present, and this was certainly true for the support-band Bai Bang, but as soon as Doro hit the stage something happened and as if some magic occurred the room quickly filled up and it was only in the back of the room where one could go for a breather (if that was needed).
Not that it was though, this if somewhere was the place to be up front and banging; if there is something which Doro controls utterly, it is her audience. And she’s not afraid to reach that extra inch to get everyone in on the fun, literally. I can’t count the many times she was hanging halfway over the crash-barrier to hold out her mic to the singing crowd! Good form.

Now, sitting here in front of the computer, it is hard for me to tell one specific thing from another as it all blurs together into one big, happy memory of an extremely well-played concert where everything and everyone where absolutely on top.
However, there is one thing I feel I must not neglect though; as the queen of metal, it only felt right that she paid tribute to the late king, and she did so by playing his own song, Egypt (The Chains Are On) with an emotion which could melt the hardest heart of steel.
Her band got to show off their abilities as instrumentalists as well; it began with guitarist Bas Maas playing up to the Swedish audience by ripping up the Pippi Longstockings melody during a short break in between two songs. Later the other guitarist, Luca Princiotta, would abandon his string-duties to play keyboards instead during the aforementioned Dio tribute. Later still (only a little) bassist Nick Douglas also abandoned his stringed instrument for the benefit of a keyboard on the other side of the stage for a heart-gripping rendition of Für Immer.
Drummer Johnny Dee had to wait a few songs more before he got his fifteen minutes of fame, but when he did, in an extended drum-solo in the middle of Haunted Heart, he was ready to make the most of it! Even though I am no lover of drum-solos at concerts, I must admit that even though Dee played for a long time, he managed to keep it both interesting and entertaining. Starting out in a quite ordinary way, he quickly moved over to the part with the audience shouting along, and after some technical showing off he got everyone on their feet and singing on the top of their lungs by doing the intro for Kiss’ I Love It Loud, before returning to the actual set.

As it was time for the encore tracks, Doro once more showed that unparalleled showmanship of hers by letting the audience decide what songs should be played! Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me; there are certainly many who could learn a thing or two from this woman…
Needless to say, this was one amazing concert, and I can’t wait for the next time I’ll be seeing her.


Earthshaker Rock (Warlock cover)
I Rule The Ruins (Warlock cover)
East Meets West (Warlock cover)
Running From The Devil
The Night Of The Warlock
Burning The Witches (Warlock cover)
Egypt (The Chains Are On) (Warlock cover)
Für Immer (Warlock cover)
Metal Racer (Warlock cover)
We Are The Metalheads
True As Steel (Warlock cover)
Haunted Heart
All We Are (Warlock cover)
Above The Ashes
Unholy Love
Love Me In Black

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