Magic Circle - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After one old legend in rock, Jack Starr, it was time for another one; Germany's own queen of metal, Doro.
In comparison to the earlier bands, there was a big following of fans that had shown up for this concert, and we were all treated to the excellent show which we had come to expect from this lady, based on earlier experiences.

The rain was beginning to drip down upon us, but somehow it did not matter. This was just one of those shows where you have too good a time to be bothered by such trivialities.
As a kind gesture, and also as an acceptance of the fact that this was an international festival even though it was placed in Germany, Doro chose to have almost all her talking between songs in English. This was, at least by us at Metalmoments, and a fair few of the others around us, very much appreciated. I'm pretty sure that there are more Germans who understand English than there are people from other countries who understand German.
Of course, there was a little something special for the Germans among us as well, presented in the beautiful ballad Für Immer.
For the lot of us, there was the sing-a-long opportunity with the song presented as once being a duet with Udo; though since he couldn't join us this day we in the audience had to take his place. The song was the Judas Priest cover Breaking The Law, which had already been deemed the unofficial holiday anthem by us here at Metalmoments, since we had already heard at least two other bands cover this specific song on our festival tour so far. Great choice in other words.

Of course, it's not so hard to understand that these guys (and girl) know how to put on a great show; as Doro herself was introducing us to the rest of the band, she also added how long they had played together. It went something like; Nick Douglas (bass) for 18 years, Joe Taylor and Oliver Palotai (both on guitar) for 15 years and then of course the newbie drummer-boy, Johnny Dee, who's only been around for 2 years. All of them were a very lively and entertaining bunch of people to behold, so even though I'm ashamed to admit that I am familiar with very little of her material apart from the old classics I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this concert.

Setlist (incomplete):

I Rule The Ruins (Warlock cover)
Hellbound (Warlock cover)
True As Steel
Burning The Witches (Warlock cover)
Für Immer (Warlock cover)
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)
All We Are (Warlock cover)
Metal Racer

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