Logo, Hamburg - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

First band up on this Pain tour is Swedish Zonaria.
We arrive a bit late, and as usual spend the first couple of minutes looking at the merchandise stand, scouting for a toilet since there has been a bit of drinking going on on the way to the show, then a search for a new beer.

So when we finally get up to the stage these aggressive young Swedes only have a couple of songs left in their set. The guys are wearing matching armour look-a-like vests and sport a couple of evil looking instruments.
The musical style is, to my ears, your normal, fast-paced, noisy blackmetal, with a small amount of keyboard sounds thrown in. Although well-played and technically able, this does not really catch my attention, and I don't feel that there is much new brought to the table...
In all fairness I must admit that this is a genre that has never caught my ear, and that the review would probably have been a lot more positive, had it been written by somebody who actually likes this sort of thing.

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