Red Warszawa

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

To set the mood for this two days in a row show, Heavy Henning came on stage, wearing nothing but an antique German helmet and underpants, gladly proclaiming he was just SO gay.
Red Warszawa has never been for the intellectual. This is simply humour of the absolute lowest kind; adding a few beers (or many as it usually goes) you can’t help but laugh at the whole thing though and have a wonderfully braindead moment as these Polish (or were they Danes again?) misfits and their drunken debauchery on stage.
But, the thing is; as hard as they might try to avoid it, they do get some pretty competent riffing written from time to time. By the oh so gay Heavy Henning.

As they were playing two full concerts in a row at the very same place, they were given the opportunity to dig a little deeper in their bag of treats as they dished out one classic infantile song after the other.
They started out with Hurra Skolen Brænder and followed up with several songs, old and new.
Straight from the start the energy was on top; all the way from Lækre Jens’s morning star microphone and pink toilet brush down to the large and intoxicated (largely intoxicated?) audience gathered before him.
The concert was simply filled to the brim with moshpits, sing-along songs and a mood that was at the very top.
Also, as a special treat the show had some special guest stars visiting the band on stage, and I’m not talking about those boys and girls who constantly climbed up to stage dive. No, these were actual musicians from Red Warszawa’s past (for the most part) come back to haunt them.
Their first visitor wasn’t such a big surprise, as she was with them the last time we saw them as well (which was far too long ago). Anyway, Astrid was her name, and keyboards was her game (normally she plays keys in the Danish cover band Rammstein Jam) and she came on to help out with a new track called Karry.
The second guest was an old bassist of theirs; Tove Tusindpik. He took over for My Tight Ass, who took himself a much deserved break, although without leaving the stage our letting up on his good mood.
After Tusindpik it was time for their old drummer Puff Danny, or as he was renamed for the evening Dumme Danny. Up till now he had been standing in the merchandise stand and enthusiastically tried to sell tour shirts, but now he was up on stage and desperately tried to remember the words for the song he was singing. He failed miserably, but didn’t lose his spirit over such trivial matters as he continued to have a blast with the rest of the guys. This little incident got Lækre Jens fired from the band, and as he crowd surfed away from the stage Heavy Henning took over mic duties for MC Nymands Rap and the fourth and final guest appeared with a black hooded shirt pulled far down to cover his face as he took over the guitar.

“I was afraid we would have to stop the concert, but luckily Paul brought new drinks so we can keep going!”
- Lækre Jens (vocals)

Apart from drinking and music, the concert offered some wise words from Lækre Jens, as the time where he asked how many were happy about seeing Anders Fogh Rasmussen leave Danish politics (prime minister at the time). As almost all raised their hands he commented that it was a good thing with only one catch; now he would be taking over NATO and would therefore have even more power. There was really only one solution, and that was to send Henning instead. Henning for peace!
Finally he said that (on an unrelated topic) if there was anyone who hadn’t yet drunk themselves silly, and were still alive the next day they would HAVE to show up the next day as well. After this he invited everyone up to the bar to get hammered. (of course, we would show up the next day no matter what)


Hurra Skolen Brænder
Er Du Lidt Tyk
I Aften Er Det Rygeraften
Nord For Nordkap
Der Vil Altid Være En Straf
De 4 Årstider I Nordvest
Jeg Ved Godt Jeg Ikke Skal Sove Med En Hånd Op I Røven
2000 Tyskere
Bøsse Dræbt Med Stegegaffel
Jeg Hader Alle Mennesker
Metadonmix Fra Maribo
MC Nymands Rap
Gratis Ludder
Bagermester Jensen
Slå Ihjel
Børn Er Dumme Og Grimme
Den Sorte Sang
Brøndby Strand
Return Of The Glidefedt
Norsk Black Metal
Tror Du Det Er For Sjov Jeg Drikker

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