Red Warszawa

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We’re back, drunk, and ready for more!

Two days of Red Warszawa in a row at the same venue was something of an experience.
The crowd was even bigger for this night even though it had been quite large already the day before, and as the energy had had a max during the Thursday I don’t even know what to call the way people went amok during this show! There was an enormous and constant smashing and bashing of the moshpit and the pressure was unreal!
This might be the reason why the blond girl in the front decided to get up on stage and just stay there for a while. This resulted in Lækre Jens (vocals) explaining to everyone how things worked; “We are the band, we get to stay up here. You are the crowd, and are all welcome to get up here with us, but then you have to stage-dive back out again!” After this he proceeded with giving the girl a well-deserved wedgie…

Again, Red Warszawa had secured the evening’s entertainment by bringing a very long setlist; sadly it was not completely original. Several songs where songs they had also played the night before and as they had this opportunity for playing twice, an entirely new setlist would have been appropriate in my opinion. God knows they have the material to pull it off.
Some of the songs repeated were EPO-Sangen and MC Nymands Rap, which again saw Lækre Jens crowdsurf over to the bar as Heavy Henning handled microphone duties.
Other repeated songs were the new ones, Brøndby Strand (which has been featured on their MySpace for some time), De 4 Årstider I Nordvest and Karry; which leads us into another feature of the concert, namely guest performances.

For those who saw the Thursday concert, or read about it here at the site, you know that Red Warszawa had a lot of people visiting them on stage at that time. For this, the Friday concert, there were actually not as many guests, and those who were up there, they were also the same as the day before.
Since Karry was the song to lead us into this, I will start out with mentioning Rammstein Jam’s Astrid, as she was once again featured on the keyboards for this song. This time around she actually made an extra appearance in the song Alkohol, where she, together with another woman I didn’t know, shared the female vocal part. And it wasn’t the only thing they shared as they ended up kissing in the corner afterwards; but when Lækre Jens tried to get in on the action it all came to an abrupt end.
The other guest came on in MC Nymands Rap; actually it was the same unnamed guitarist as the other day. I believe they called him Jesper this evening, but I might be mistaken.
Strangely enough, they didn’t get a replacement bassist, even though they decided to tie My Tight As up in a long ribbon of sorts in the song Lugter Af Fisk.

For me (and this goes against the general opinion I’m sure) this show wasn’t as much fun as the Thursday show had been. There were simply too many repetitions of said show, not only in the repertoire but also in the jokes fired of between songs. Like the one about sending Henning to run NATO instead of Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
And it was also far too crowded for my taste. It’s not that I don’t like large audiences, they generally have a better way of partying than small ones, but the problem was that it was so packed we could hardly move. And going to the bar during the concert was also out of the question because of this, and that is not a good thing for this kind of event.

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