Paradise Lost

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As the night was growing ever later and darker, it was finally time for the main act to take the stage.
Both Ghost Brigade and Samael had offered a nice support, but now it was time for the Britt’s to cast their trademark gloom over The Rock.

They chose to show off their heavier, more aggressive side as they opened tonight’s set with The Rise Of Denial off of their latest album Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us. This album would be visited several more times during the concert; actually, a full third of the set was dedicated to said album, as several others were left completely out. Most surprising here was probably the fact that their old-time classic album Icon did not get a single visit; however It seemed to me that they were going for playing songs not necessarily expected...
Classics such as the nearly unavoidable As I Die hoisted one of the loudest cheers throughout (not so surprisingly), but it was the (for me) unexpected appearances of No Celebration and Enchantment which really lifted the bar of the show to new heights.
At the time of the show I had still not had the pleasure of listening to Paradise Lost’s latest opus in its entirety, but the title track still shone through and was an immediate hit.

A vital member of the band was sadly missing, as Gregor Mackintosh had had to leave the tour early on due to family circumstances. Instead of cancelling the shows however, the rest of the band had decided to bring in a replacement; Milton ‘Milly’ Evans (Terrorvision) who is a long-time guitar tech for the band took over the role of lead guitarist, and although I may have missed a bit of spark in his performance, his playing was impeccable.
The one who seemed to enjoy his time on stage the most was definitely the other guitarist, Mr. Aaron Aedy. He really knew how to act with the music, as he headbanged like a wild man but at the same time had the presence to let a smile or two fly to the audience. A funny note is that during backing vocals his voice was heard far louder than Nick Holmes, at least at the place I was standing...

There was no denying who people had come to see, as Paradise Lost got the most response out of the audience (not that it had been bad before either, mind you!), and this was clearly seen in the monumental ending performed with the song Say Just Words.
In my own humble opinion the band came off as a little bit tired and off in the beginning, but quickly picked up the pace and the night ended with a bang. While still soaring high on this concert, I was already happily looking forward to seeing them in Malmö later in the week...


The Rise Of Denial
Pity The Sadness
I Remain
As I Die
The Enemy
First Light
One Second
No Celebration
Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
The Last Time
Say Just Words

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