Paradise Lost

KB, Malmö - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Finally the crowd came to KB; actually the change was so sudden I didn’t even notice it happen. All of a sudden people were just there!
No question who the most anticipated band was tonight then; headliners Paradise Lost succeeded where both Engel and Samael had failed; in arousing the general concert goers interest.

Not only was the crowd much more, well, crowded; it was also much more alive than for any of the other bands, and the effect this had on the guys from Paradise Lost was easy to see. Already from the start they all seemed more at it than they had seemed in Copenhagen the day before, and Nick Holmes made much more of an effort in connecting with the audience. The one who stole the show however, was actually Adrian Erlandsson, their new Swedish drummer, who despite being hidden away behind a huge drumkit still managed to show a large dose of feeling for the music.
Holmes even tried a cheap trick in earning a few extra points by mentioning the fact that Erlandsson was born in Malmö, and it worked.

“This one we’ve been playing for 60 years or more” (said by Holmes while introducing As I Die)
The audience was never late in showing their appreciation for the band, both in the classic and the newer tracks.
As always song requests were flying through the air between the songs played, and at one time a man’s voice was heard shouting “No Celebration!”. This automatically generated a voice from the already cheerful frontman, who answered with a smile on his lips “Guessing a song we’re actually playing, what a fucking miracle!”
This miracle, as it were, prompted him into checking up on our general knowledge of Paradise Lost’s back-catalogue as he asked if we could name anything from their first album. A few “Yeah” could be heard throughout the room, but as nothing more arose he simply mumbled an “oh”, and nothing more was said on the matter. I guess this goes to show the general age of the attendants, if nothing else…

Apart from this small hiccup on the crowd’s side, things worked smoothly and effortlessly, and Paradise Lost delivered an outstanding show which far outshone the one from earlier in the week if you ask me.


The Rise Of Denial
Pity The Sadness
I Remain
As I Die
The Enemy
First Light
One Second
No Celebration
Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
The Last Time
Say Just Words

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