My Dying Bride

Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

”Good evening, and what a lovely day. The weather fits My Dying Bride quite nicely, we’re very happy.”
- Aaron Stainthorpe (vocals)

This introduction was spoken in a voice so depressing it would bring small children to tears.
But he was right none the less; the weather was fitting. Gray clouds had gathered in the skies and a light rain was falling in the cool breeze. What more could you ask for to go with this particular British band?

The set seemed to be exactly the same as the one they had played at Metaltown just over a week ago, so the same problem with not knowing much of the material remained for me; but in contrast to the aforementioned show, many of the other visitors seemed to know it quite well. And there was a much larger attendance for the show this time around as well. This led me to the conclusion that even though I didn’t know everything, I can’t imagine a better setting for the true fan.

The band seemed to be in a better mood as well, if such a label can be put on a band such as My Dying Bride. Stainthorpe was up to the same heart-wrenching performance, but it just seemed to have more soul here in these mountainous surroundings.
I suppose it just goes to show how much the overall appearance of the show affects your perception of it…

As you might have figured, I felt the mood and atmosphere of this show was leaps and bounds better than last, but I still had a tiny problem with not knowing the material being played.


Fall With Me
Bring Me Victory
From Darkest Skies
And I Walk With Them
Turn Loose The Swans
She Is The Dark
Cry Of Mankind
My Body, A Funeral

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