Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Headlining the first day of Metalcamp were our symphonic friends from Finland; Nightwish.
This would be interesting, as this would be the first time we saw them with their new singer Anette Olzon.

Not surprisingly, Nightwish had drawn an enormous crowd out, though it was also a very calm crowd. Then again, the Finns atmospheric, soundtrack like music isn’t exactly one to inspire a moshpit, now is it?
Atmosphere was something they had in abundance though, and that together with professionalism were the two things which I think best described this concert.
Emppu Vuorinen looked cool as always, Marco Hietala showed a certain sense of humour (for one thing he wanted to let all the women know about Tuomas Holopainen's sexy and stylish boxers, although he thought the brown stripes might be a bit of a turn-off (I think he’s right)) in between the shouting of his name from girls in the audience, and although Olzon’s voice wasn’t quite up to par with what she does on album, it was still clear to see how much she enjoyed playing for us.
I also want to send some kudos to the person in charge of the pyro show, as this was quite entertaining to watch as well with sparkles and fireballs flying everywhere.

Sadly, the show still didn’t really work for me. One of the main reasons for this was that (at least this is what I think) you need to know Nightwish’s music very well, preferably from the albums, beforehand to get the most out of it.
Another problem was the sound; neither Olzon’s nor Hietala’s voice came out very good, and Vuorinen’s guitar was barely audible from where I was standing.
The result was a show with good intentions, but with too strong shortcomings to make a major impact.

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