Arch Enemy

Wacken - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Angela Gossow showed her true origin, as she opened the show with a greeting in German, but she was kind enough to quickly change to English after this, as she was well aware of the fact that many of in the crowd were in fact not German.

That was a kind gesture, and one several of her countrymen at this festival could learn something from.
As it was, there was a gigantic crowd assembled to enjoy the hard-hitting melo-death of Arch Enemy, and as Wacken probably is the most international festival of all, I am certain that there were more than I out there who appreciated the gesture…
Musically, there were no holds barred as the German-fronted Swedish band tried to sonically pummel us to death, and I was surprised to hear their live-classic Ravenous played really early in the set, but it was well-received by the energetic audience.
Actually, this was one of the wildest crowds I had seen so far; there was an insane flow of crowd-surfers drifting by, and those who didn’t join in on this particular activity, held their arms raised defiantly to the sky as they tried to copy Gossow’s powerful vocal performance.

Now, as you know I have never been Arch Enemy’s greatest fan, and therefore felt easily distracted and couldn’t really get into the show the way so many others did. Of course, it didn’t help that I had a very drunk man next to me who constantly tried to explain that drinking was a far more important part of a festival than the bands. I beg to differ…

Still, the concert never did grab me, and Arch Enemy have yet to impress me, on a live-stage as on album.

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