Arch Enemy

KB Hallen, Copenhagen - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As the second band at The Black Crusade, Arch Enemy take the stage to the sound of church music and singing. This feels a bit at odds with the absolutely brutal music the band themselves deliver, but works well anyway.

The band is aware of the short playtime they have and give it all they've got right from the start. This is a show which is jam-packed with energy and aggressiveness, and the crowd love it. The house is filled with raised arms and devil horns. This is of course also the most "evil" band on this tour, so it shouldn't be too surprising. The talking between songs is kept to an absolute minimum, but this is, again, probably due to the short time they have on stage, and who can blame them for wanting to get more songs out?

The sound for the Arch Enemy show is only ok, with Angela Gossow's vocals being very shabby and almost completely drowned out by the music for the first part of the set. It is not her fault though, merely technical, and it is corrected by the time they play My Apocalypse, a song where they also have a fun sort of scream-a-long part in the middle.
A good performance, but I'm surprised they are playing this early in the show.


Blood On Your Hands
My Apocalypse
We Will Rise
Fields (outro)

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