Arch Enemy

Magic Circle Festival - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

“We dedicate this one to the ladies who can kick some ass!”
- Angela Gossow (vocals)

This was said about Ravenous, but could certainly go to describe the whole show.

Arch Enemy was sort of the odd man out here at Magic Circle Festival, a festival mainly dedicated to traditional and melodic metal. Needless to say, Arch Enemy is of a somewhat harder school than bands like Virgin Steele and Metalforce…
Still, they had a good backing, as seen with the large amount (considering the size of the festival) of people who had come up to see this hellish constellation in the failing light of the day.
I noticed that Angela Gossow had adopted a somewhat punky attitude, at least that’s what I got from the get up with the slim, worn jeans and suspenders hanging down. I never could wrap my head around the white arm-bands, but was nonetheless happy to see that the band had also thought about visuals in their show.
Not only that, but Gossow was proving herself a genuinely good front(wo)man and a lively performer to boot, firing the crowd up as she went from side to side of the stage as her voice trembled the mountains.
This proved to work out well for the band, and the crowd was actually kicking the aforementioned asses, moshing wild and headbanging even wilder. Surprisingly, even with the good start Arch Enemy had had, they even managed to turn things up during the set, and Dark Insanity did just what the title says, it drove the crowd insane, and the moshing intensified beyond what had been seen throughout the entire Magic Circle Festival.

Now, sadly all this didn’t affect me as much as it could and should have, and the reason for this is simply that Arch Enemy’s music has never meant anything to me. Thus, after spending some time getting something to drink while listening to songs I didn’t really know and living through an actually surprisingly well composed and technical drum-solo which was only hurt by the fact that I had already completely lost interest in the show, I saw with terror how the band was now progressing into the guitar-solo section, starting off with Christopher Amott, and I now knew that the only thing left for me was to flee the battle.

Maybe one day I will turn around and begin to like Arch Enemy. When that day arrives I will surely look back at these times with regret; luckily, that day hasn’t arrived yet, and I therefore have no problem with leaving early from an Arch Enemy show.

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