KB, Malmö - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Ever heard about Fullforce before? No?
Ever heard about Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Saviour Machine and/or Cloudscape before? Yes, I thought you would.

Fullforce was the support band for Edguy this night. Between them played the L.A. band Kottak, but before we get that far I suppose a little introduction is in order, don’t you?
Fullforce is a Swedish band at the tender age of 3 years, but even with the bands own lack of seniority they have already released an album, simply titled One, and this is most likely because of the massive combined experience of the members of the band which comprises on vocals Michael Andersson (Cloudscape, Silent Memorial etc.), on guitars Stefan Elmgren (ex-Hammerfall, ex-Full Strike etc.) and Carl-Johan Grimmark (Saviour Machine, ex-Narnia etc.), bassist Tommy Karlsson (ex-Dream Evil etc.) and last but certainly not least drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen etc.).
If these individual references weren’t enough, many of the members have also played together already in another all-star combo called Planet Alliance, and in addition to this there have also been various guest appearances in each others acts.

Ok, I think I made my point, these guys know each other and the music well, but what about the show then?
As I mentioned, Fullforce was the first band of the night, and when they took the stage KB was already about half-filled which is quite an achievement by itself as lately the crowd mostly only come a knockin’ when it is time for the main event.
The band itself entered the stage pretty anonymously and began playing without any form of introduction, which surprised me considering their short time together and that they were the first band of the night. Might have been commercially more thought through to imprint your name in people’s mind as soon as possible, especially now when the event and stage did not allow for a backdrop to do the job for you.
And speaking about stage, there wasn’t really much of it for the band to be on. Ok, so KB’s stage isn’t the largest one to begin with, but tonight most of it was filled with Edguy equipment, which gave the two support-bands a very limited area to move around on, something which they then of course didn’t really do all that much. In fact, the only two people who really did move about was Andersson and Elmgren; Andersson went to both sides of the stage once in a while to grab as much of the audience’s attention as he could, and Elmgren took the middle spot with a foot on the monitor for many of his solos. True rock-star attitude right there!
Still, in my mind it was Johansson who was the best performer of the night; the easy-looking drum rhythms made room for a lot of playing around, something he took full advantage of and thus his drumsticks spent more time tumbling and twirling in the air than they did hitting the skins.

”Maybe you’ve seen our video on YouTube? It’s ok to lie, it sounds better!”
- Michael Andersson (vocals)

The audience was tough on the band though, and even though there were so many people present to see the show, the response for Fullforce was lacking to say the least.
Andersson tried sweet-mouthing us by calling attention to his Scanian heritage which merited some applause and whistles, he also got us clapping along to the Middle-Eastern inspired start of Oblivion and opened Open Your Eyes by getting a short-lived shout-along going, but other than this there really wasn’t much to gain from the audiences side.
There was one guy who had obviously bought (or in some less reputable way acquired) the band’s album and liked it, and he was always shouting just that much higher than everyone else and could even call out a few titles between songs; of course this garnered the attention of the band and after he was given a personal greeting by Andersson, his fandom only increased all the more.

I was however not all that impressed by Fullforce. Their rock n’ roll infused power metal style did not appeal to me as it felt bland and completely lacked originality and personality. The good mood of the band was the only saving grace of this show and helped pull it up to an ok standard.
Oh yes, and it was rather funny to see Elmgren completely confused as he didn’t know the lyrics of their own songs when he was handed the mic during Heart And Soul...

Setlist (incomplete):

None Of Your Concern
Open Your Eyes
Heart And Soul
Walls Of Secrets


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