Knaack, Berlin - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

So, this is Absolute from Germany. First time I hear them, and in fact, hear about them. We enter a short way into the set, and use the first couple of minutes to find our way around, get some beers and check out the merchandise stand, all the time just barely listening to the music. Sadly. For what at first hits me as your typical modern rock/metal act, like Nickelback or Creed, soon reveals itself to be a much more varied act. Yes, it does, in my ears, have some of the aforementioned tendencies, but they also show some interest in the ways of electronica, for one thing.

Absolute makes the most of being on a small stage, and seem to be very comfortable performing, but still act humble between songs (at least I think so, my German could be better). In addition to this, they seem to posses a good deal of humour, for example adding Metallica hints throughout the setlist (Nationica, Messageallica, Gimmellica). They have also been blessed with a very good sound for their show.

All in all, not knowing how big they are in Germany, I think this is an interesting band which most probably could go far. Their sound is normal enough to please the average crowd, but still varied enough to make it stand out for itself.


Don't Fight
All The Same


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