Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2020

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After leaving Morbid Angel, David Vincent has been keeping busy. There’s I Am Morbid, which is a high-class Morbid Angel cover band, there’s David Vincent which is his country music project, and there’s Vltimas.
Vltimas is what’s considered a supergroup. There’s David Vincent of course, there’s Rune ‘Blasphemer’ Eriksen of Mayhem and Aura Noir fame, and there’s Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy fame.
Interesting side-note: Eriksen and Mounier have a collective past in Nader Sadek, where they played for four years, and who was singing in that band? Steve Tucker, current and previous vocalist of Morbid Angel - it’s all connected!

“Good evening Copenhay-ay-ay-agen!”
- David Vincent (vocals)

An intro started blasting through the speakers, 72 Virgins by Two Steps From Hell some say (and I’ll buy that), and the band stepped in, one by one. Two live musicians complemented the band, Ype Terwissha van Scheltinga on bass and João ‘J. Goat’ Duarte on guitar - and last on stage was of course Vincent.
Vincent took full advantage of not playing bass in this outfit, as he played around and was very active on stage. That’s not to say the others didn’t partake in the performance, but let’s just agree that there was a definite attention of focus, and that was Vincent, in his long coat, cowboy hat, and sense of humor.
From what I could understand, Vltimas played their entire debut (and so far only) album, Something Wicked Marches In, and the title, apart from being just a cool title, was clearly a statement to the band’s affect - watch out, there’s a new band in town, and they’ll be kicking ass and taking names (whatever that means).

Something else that was apparent, was that not only had we moved into a new genre, death metal, but we had moved into a whole different mindset about musical creation. Vltimas played catchy, brutal and varied songs - there was more going on here in a single song, both in performance and in musicality, than we’d seen in the entire set of 1349.
Still, I got the impression that the crowd had actually grown a bit smaller? If this was indeed the case, the fact should most likely be written down to seniority - despite the well-known names that make up Vltimas, it is still a new band, and one couldn’t be blamed for not having checked them out yet. We had of course, and were happy for it - they had after all visited Copenhell the year before.
Still, if the crowd was smaller, which I’m not entirely sure it was, there was no getting round that it was a more active crowd! Headbanging was all about, and there was even a small moshpit going on in the middle of the floor.
When music wasn’t blasting our ears, Vincent took the time to chat and joke with us, which was equally appreciated.

All in all, Vltimas delivered not only a killer set with great music, they also delivered both our favourite performance of the evening (which we naturally only found out for certain after Abbath had played).


72 Virgins (Two Steps From Hell song)
Something Wicked Marches In
Total Destroy!
Truth And Consequence
Last Ones Alive Win Nothing
Diabolus Est Sanguis
Marching On


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