Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2020

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Abbath was heading a quartet of old school metal bands, with thrash, death, and black being represented in all their respective glory. Apart from the man/band himself, black came in the guise of his countrymen in 1349, a band I’ve known about for some time, but never got round to listening to. Now that time had come…

The crowd was growing larger in a nice, constant tempo, and the band certainly had some fans on the floor who were looking forward to seeing them.
Well, that would prove to be a bit difficult, because in trve kvlt style, the band had no front lights, diffuse red backlights, and a lot of smoke as their visual style on the stage.
Building on that, they went straight for the music, and no one in the band said anything between songs, or ever addressed the audience in any way.
I understand this is to make it feel more evil, but honestly, it feels more disconnected than anything else. And a bit dull.
Then again, maybe I’m just not the target audience for this specific type of aesthetics.

Musically, we were moving fast, with lo-fi sound quality, and an incomprehensibly raspy voice - in other words, business as usual in the classic Norwegian black metal genre.
I’m sure the show pleased the fans in the crowd, and I could see headbanging here and there, but going in unschooled in 1349’s material, this was not inviting in any way, and the ca. 50 minutes they had on stage felt much too long, when most of it felt like a repetition of what had come before. Yeah, no, 1349 did not make a fan of me this night. Not that I think that was their intention.


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