Rotting Christ

Brutal Assault - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A little later in the day, the crowd had grown considerably, and it was clear to see and hear why. The anticipation for Rotting Christ’s concert seemed to be sky-high, and long before the band entered the stage, a loud chant of their name could be heard rising from the mass of people standing before the stage.

The band announced their coming with a symphonic intro played over the p.a. system, which sadly was a bit disturbed by some problems with the drums; these were luckily cleared away before the intro was over though, and when the show commenced it was with full blast on all fronts.
Quite a few arms and voices were raised from the crowds’ side, and also on the stage the atmosphere was very good; albeit, the band was a bit immobile for the most part. They were extremely good at swinging their hair however, especially bassist Andreas Lagios, and this brought about a massive headbanging wall in the audience as well.
Also singer Sakis Tolis had a firm grip on his beholders, and started a loud clap-along where the music allowed for it.

Rotting Christ still holds somewhat of a Samael feeling to their music (not that they necessarily sound the same, just the same vibe), and therefore it was not hard for me to quickly fall in line with the massive support for this concert.
The atmosphere was great, and even though this should by all accords be far to evil for my taste, I still think Rotting Christ can throw a damn good concert together when they set their mind to it. Nothing to complain about here, except that I haven’t more time getting familiar with their songs yet…

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