Sweden Rock Festival - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

To be quite honest, this is one show which I don’t remember much from.
The show had already started when we arrived, but as Kamelot isn’t a band either of us knows that well, I can’t say if we had missed some great songs or not. Actually, it was a friend who had wanted us to go, and this was really the only reason for our appearance…

The rain came and went throughout the show, but Kamelot still managed to pull at least some kind of crowd out in front of the Rock Stage where they played. Not so much so we couldn’t get a very fair place even though the late arrival, but definitely not empty either.
Roy Khan (vocals) tried his best to entertain us with a quite energetic performance and some speeches between songs, spoken both in English and Norwegian. From the assembled crowd before him (he was happy to use the catwalk to get closer to the fans) he got some enthusiastic responses, though due to the size of the crowd it wasn’t overwhelming.

The band also had some nice fireball pyrotechnics going of once in a while, which warmed us a bit in the dreary day, but other than that I can’t really recall any special setup, except of course for their usual stage clothes where Khan’s long black coat is probably the most eye-catching.
Speaking of eye-catching, Kamelot also had a girl who entered the stage from time to time to lay down some backing vocals, although at one point she did get to take her mic out of its stand at the back of the stage and join Khan on the catwalk straight up in front and close to the crowd. A pleasant, not to say surprising part, as I had no idea they used female vocals (goes to show my knowledge about Kamelot I suppose).

Alas, I had not found any real reason for me to learn more about Kamelot before Sweden Rock Festival, and this day did naught to change that for me.

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