Sweden Rock Festival - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Seeing Europe was without a doubt one of the busiest times I had at the festival, as I was to see Immortal as well, and they were both on at the same time.
This was solved by seeing some of the Europe concert, and afterwards heading over to the Norwegians and seeing them till the end, which made it possible to come back and see the end of Europe’s concert as well.

At first I had a hard time seeing how Immortal would have any crowd at all; the audience in front of Europe was huge! And we are all recorded on the cell phone Joey Tempest came on and filmed us with at the start of the show.
Even though the following was impressive, people were a lot calmer than I had expected for this classic Swedish band; people were quietly rocking along to the songs. Then again, Europe did start their set with some less known songs, keeping the hits for later. At least, I didn’t know one of the tracks they played before we had to leave for the other band.

As we returned for the very end things had started moving however, and we came back just in time for the song Cherokee which saw a lot of dancing by people who had finally found their party mood out. After this there was really only one way to end the show, and this was not surprisingly with their mega hit The Final Countdown.
Here the sing along was given all it could take, and everyone was up on their feet. Some, further in the back, were even up on the tables of the food-vendors (at least until security came and escorted them back down to earth again…)

From what I saw it was an ok show where Joey Tempest was in a great mood and very lively on the stage, whereas the rest of the band was a bit calmer. For me, it is enough to see the hits with this band, so the second part was definitely the best.

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