The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

For the rest of the tour Turisas had been supported by Norther, but exclusively for this show a Danish band called Heidra had the honour.
For some reason the band had to take the stage shortly after the doors were opened, which resulted in a very small crowd to begin with, since everyone was still standing in line outside. Not completely fair to the band, but there might have been a reason which I just didn't know about. The crowd did drop in more and more though, and it ended up being quite an impressive amount of people for a simple Wednesday evening.
Both audience and band took it rather easy though, having a quite an anonymous show, and it wasn't until the last song, Holmgang, that a moshpit started to stir. Actually, it was just two guys to begin with but it grew a bit after a while.
I think what I missed the most was a genuine connection with the crowd. Heidra played, and played well, but I think it would have heightened the show a bit if there was some more speaking in between songs, and possibly a small sing-a-long chorus, just to involve people more.

I had listened to a few of Heidra's songs earlier in the day, and knew from this that the band played an aggressive form of folk-metal, but since their sound was far from perfect they came off as a garage-style black-metal band instead. In all fairness, it should be said that I've never been a big fan of the use of grim vocals for this specific genre.

A very good thing I noticed though, was how down to earth the band seemed to be, hanging out in the crowd for the rest of the evening. I even got Morten Bryld, vocals, to write their setlist down for me. Thanks.


The Forging Of The Sword
Arngrim's Quest
Sankarihauta (Moonsorrow cover)
Twelve Berserks

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