Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A new special event, or a mini-festival if you will, arose in the wintery cold January in Copenhagen.
The event was called Grand Folk-Metal Night, it took place on the new stage at Pumpehuset, and consisted of a total of five Nordic folk-metal bands. Headlining was the Danish band Vanir, then in top-to-bottom order came Yggdrasil from Sweden, Faanefjell from Norway, Huldre from Denmark, and opening the show was Heidra, again from Denmark.

Considering the poor turn-out for the last gig I had gone to at this venue (Orphaned Land etc. in 2011), I was quite taken aback when I entered the hall shortly after Heidra had come on stage; the place was packed! I can’t say if it was completely sold out or not, but I can assure you that it was no easy task moving from the entrance at the back of the hall over to the bar and then to the stage for a good view of the band.
If I recall correctly, Heidra was already at it with their second song, The Forging Of The Sword, when I arrived at the scene, and already here I could see a front of the audience which was going well at it with headbanging and Viking-horns in the air; a nice change of pace compared to the type of reception first playing bands usually get at events like these.
On the other hand, why not? Heidra was with their minimalistic show and blackened folk-metal style creating a nice and warm atmosphere in Pumpehuset, and even though a bit more action in the artist’s performance would have been welcome, they were still delivering the goods convincingly enough to get people swinging along. Especially their new guitarist, Carlos ’Kaos’, worked hard at getting the crowd involved in the show by inciting us to scream along or just work some general mayhem.

Heidra are moving into a studio in a few weeks time (counting from the show-date) to record a new demo, and we got a taste of things to come at the show in the form of the new song Kinsmen, which seemed to follow the style they have been doing up till now pretty well, judging from what we could hear at the show.
It was also by the audience, as most of the set was, but it was still the final song for Heidra, the old Twelve Berserks, which went down as the biggest hit of the evening, at least if you consider the impressively large moshpit which quickly found its position on the middle of the floor...

All in all, Heidra did exactly what they were supposed to do; they delivered a good show which got people warmed up and ready for more. Details, like a bit more intensity in the performance, are things which can be worked upon, and they didn’t disturb the overall effect the band had on the audience.


Forfædres Kald
The Forging Of The Sword
Ask Og Embla
Lone Warrior
Twelve Berserks

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