Dia Psalma

Markan, Hässleholm - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Oh how I have waited for this! I remember seeing Dia Psalma somewhere back in the 90:ies, and when they split up I figured, like many others probably, that that was it. No more. Then I heard they were getting back together, and I was extremely glad, of course, but also a bit sad, for I didn't have any possibility to see their reunion tour. Then, when I heard they were playing in Lund for the Djupa Skogen tour, I was further saddened, because I knew I would be in Gothenburg that particular day. Now, I did find out that they were playing in Gothenburg the day before, but I found this out at such a late time, that I didn't have time to go there either. At the same time though, I found out that they were playing in Hässleholm a short time later, and finally at a time where I wasn't off doing something else. Joy of joys!
Of course, the day before the show, the weather report announced that there would be such a terrible storm the following day that the bridge to Sweden would most likely be closed for all traffic. What was this, would I never be able to see this band again? Luckily, the weather wasn't nearly as bad as predicted, and the trip went without problems.

So, on to the show.
The whole audience, which wasn't much since Markan is a very small place (yet also very cosy), was really pumped for the show, and was screaming for the band to go on, and on they went, to an intro which was a bit weird I thought. No matter, for when they started playing the whole place went amok. Both band and crowd were showing a massive energy, and the reaction to seeing them live again was wild.
The band seemed to be in a very good mood this evening, and was really giving the crowd something to remember them by, with a long set showing a variety of old songs as well as new.
Never before have I heard so much singing along to one show, and for the final song, Balladen Om Lilla Elsa, the band needed little more than make the presentation, and then the audience took care of the rest.
The only thing I didn't quite agree with was the song choices from the latest album. Of course Som Man Är had to be there, being the first single and all, but I would have liked to hear Mitt Fönster or Precis. And where was Öga För Öga, I would have thought they would play that for sure.
So, what's the verdict?
Quite simply, amazing!


Gryningsvisa I D-moll
Vi Svartnar
Ack Högaste Himmel
Här & Nu
Kalla Sinnen
Som Man Är
Hon Får
Det Döende Barnet
Tro Rätt Tro Fel
Alla Älskar Dig
Balladen Om Lilla Elsa

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