Vintage Trouble

Dyrskuepladsen, Roskilde - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Vintage Trouble was a name that up to the 15th July of 2015 meant nothing to me – I had no idea who they were, what kind of music they played, or anything else about them for that matter.
But on that day, they were supporting AC/DC as they visited Roskilde as part of their Rock Or Bust tour, and things were about to change…

“The sun’s kind enough to go down to the rock show! Can I hear you say; thank you sun!”
- Ty Taylor (vocals)

What the hell?
Those were the first words that flew through my mind when Vintage Trouble hit the stage, and began playing. Please understand, they were not meant in any negative manner at all, but merely as a sign of profound surprise. You see, the way they looked, and the way they sounded, was further away from anything I could have ever imagined than I thought possible.
Showing up as a support band for AC/DC, looking like a prom-night house band straight out of the ‘Fifties or ‘Sixties, and sounding like some form of soul / funk / rock mash-up will have such a bewildering effect on you.
It didn’t take many seconds before the look of confusion was exchanged with a broad grin however, as Vintage Trouble began showing off their performance skills, which were plentiful and strong.
Taylor, dancing, singing, and spinning his ass off, had a very good take on the audience. He was well aware of the anonymity of his band around this neighbourhood, but instead of being put off, he turned it around and had fun with it, as he had fun with everything he did.
Taylor may be the frontman, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the guys were left out of the party – in fact, they were very much part of it, all of them in their own way. Richard Danielson was a beast behind his drums.

Damn, what a party!
That’s a sentence that kept popping up in my mind while Vintage Trouble was performing.
The band was instantly accepted by the masses at Dyrskuepladsen in Roskilde. Sure, it was hard to sing along to songs we’d never ever heard before, but appreciation was shown in other ways instead. Applause and shouts were a constant throughout the entire performance. Both a shouting contest and a wave was instigated by Taylor, back to front and side-to-side.
Towards the end of the show, Taylor also came down into the pit and up on the fence to get closer to his new, Danish friends, and sang. It wasn’t quite close enough though, and soon Taylor could be seen crowdsurfing around the place, still singing.

Best band tonight?
This was what I pondered, as Vintage Trouble said their thanks for the positive reception they had gotten from the Danish audience. Would AC/DC be able to top the massive entertainment this band had given us? At the time I didn’t know, I didn’t even think they would.
An hour earlier, Vintage Trouble had meant nothing to me. Now, they were a name to be watched, and certainly revisited in the future. While reading up on them, I noticed Taylor had once tried out for lead vocalist of INXS – for my part, I’m glad it went to someone else, otherwise I would never have known a band like this, and honestly, Vintage Trouble is so much more interesting than that other band.

Setlist (incomplete):

Blues Hand Down
Total Strangers
Angel City, California
Run Like The River

Vintage Trouble

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