Dyrskuepladsen, Roskilde - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

When hard rock legends AC/DC rolled into town, they brought along one support of their own choosing, and one local act was picked as well. The honour of the local pick went to the fast rising band Helhorse.

“Good evening Roskilde! We are Helhorse, and we’re really glad to be here!”
- Mikkel Wad Larsen (vocals)

Helhorse isn’t actually a new band to our site. How’s that, you ask, there’re no reviews of them to find? Well, true, but that’s because last time we saw them, they were called Dødning. Back in 2008 we saw these guys perform at Stengade 30, a small club venue in Copenhagen, and very few had heard about them.
Fast forward to present day, and they’re supporting AC/DC in front of 55ooo people. How’s that for growth?
I was a bit sceptical when I first saw their name announced, I admit, but from that first loud cheer I heard rising from friends and fans as the six youths went on stage, it was clear that they had the crowd behind them in this effort. Impressively, they seemed perfectly calm and collected as they stood up there on the large stage, with more eyes on them than ever before. From the moment the music started, the musicians were carelessly grooving, and Wad Larsen had a very good grip on the crowd, talking a little, and giving commands when he wanted us to do stuff. To change things up further, Helhorse invited a girl on stage to do backing vocals for their final song. As she wasn’t introduced, I haven’t really managed to figure out who she is, or what her relationship to the band is either.

“Let me hear 55000 people!”
- Wad Larsen (vocals)

Not only were requests given, but the crowd was happy to comply as well. A few beers had been tossed back, more were on the way, and it was time to party. Helhorse provided the fuel, and the Roskilde engine roared into action.
Well, ok, roared, figuratively speaking, might be an exaggeration here, but more literally speaking it works well. You see, it wasn’t exactly your headbanging, moshpit crazed wall of death kind of crowd that was the main body of the audience. No, this was more of a family affair, where regular mom’s, dad’s, and their kids in some cases, were out airing their one black t-shirt, nodding their heads a bit, and performing drunk dances where there was room enough.
What they were good at, was shouting and clapping their hands, and that was done a lot in honour of Helhorse’s performance.

Whether or not Helhorse fit the bill perfectly musically is an issue in itself – they were good, but not exactly my cup of tea – but I feel their performance was more than adequate to justify their spot as support of AC/DC. It’s been a quick growth yes, but it seems Helhorse is able to handle the pressure just fine.


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