Oliver Weers

KB Hallen, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Oliver Weers made his break with participating in the Danish edition of the X Factor TV-show, and he was the second artist in the show to release an album (the first being the winner of course).
He displayed a great voice and stage presence to boot, so I believe the reason he didn't go all the way could in large be due to the country he chose to participate in. Had it been our neighbours in Sweden or Germany who are much more open about this kind of music it is not impossible he would have won the whole thing.
Still, he made his name known, and opening up for Whitesnake as a debut-artist can't be considered completely bad...

Both Oliver himself and his band of famous names seemed very vital and up for the job as they took the big stage in KB Hallen. With him he had Søren Andersen (Superfuzz, also produced the album) on guitars, on second guitar Anders Bo (The Licks, Marco Mendoza and more), bassist Claus Langeskov (White Lion, Mike Tramp and more) and on drums Morten Hellborn (Hannah Schneider, ex-A Kid Hereafter and more).
The music was melodious yet hard, and delivered in a stylish manner which showed that he knew exactly what he was doing. It suffered a bit sound-ways because of the venue, but not as much as many other acts we've seen here, and the lighting was phenomenal. The only thing that might have needed a bit more work was the stamp-size backdrop which literally disappeared as it hung just below the ceiling on the in comparison must to large back wall.

Oliver acted as a full-blown professional on stage, you couldn't believe that this was one of his first big shows; and yet the large audience reaction seemed to be missing at a first. Although, after a quick look around I think this can be written down as the crowd being several years older than what I normally experience, so they took it calmer during the songs and chose to wait with showing their appreciation to the silent moments between music. Then they let really it rip, so there was no mistaking they liked what they saw. And what was there not to like? A professional and entertaining performance with well-written and catchy tunes. Oliver Weers and co. was a good choice as a support act this night.

At the end of the show Oliver Weers and Søren Andersen took each other's shoulders to do a traditional bow to the audience, but they failed to get the attention of the rest of the band who promptly left the stage. This however only brought a smile to their lips; these things happen.
After the show Oliver could be found out in the merchandise stand where he was signing things and greeting the fans. If he keeps this up there is no telling how far he might go in the future...


Calling Out For You
Even Giants Cry
Hands High
Coming Home
Crawling Back Again
First Day Of Our Life

Oliver Weers

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