KB Hallen, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After the excellent support provided by Oliver Weers it was time for the main attraction of the evening, Whitesnake. And I say this with sincerity; more than for the usual show I attend, the crowd was filled with women who, most likely, at one point or the other have been attracted to the charismatic leading man, David Coverdale. The fact that he is, somewhat, older now than in the time of their greatness does not hold him back from going on the road more than many younger bands however, and I believe Whitesnake is probably one of those bands who should be heard live at this point in time.
This was actually my third possibility this year to watch Whitesnake, and seeing how I hadn't actually done it the first two (or ever before for that matter) times it was now time to rectify this. The first was for Graspop Metal Meeting where we simply missed them, and the second was at Magic Circle Festival where they had had to make a last minute cancellation.

“We’ve got 30 years of Whitesnake to celebrate tonight, so let’s not waste any fucking time!”
- David Coverdale (vocals)

David Coverdale roared over a nearly sold out KB Hallen, and the audience was with him on this all the way. The audience was much more into the show now than what they had shown for Oliver Weers, even though he had done a very good job of it as well. But of course it was Whitesnake people had come for, and they were not afraid to show it.
Sadly though some time did seem to be wasted, although first at a long way into the set. First of was a technically impressive guitar battle between Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach which just dragged on all too long. And a short time after, it was time for Chris Frazier to show what his drumming was made of, again dragging the show out with time which should and could have been spent more wisely in my opinion.
Other moments which stuck out of the otherwise rocking set (in a better way than the aforementioned) was for one the acoustic The Deeper The Love, which started out with a funny little presentation of a new member to the band; the official Whitesnake Chair! Coverdale commented;

”The Whitesnake chair is made of the best... Do you have pine trees in Denmark? (answered by howls from the audience)... the finest Danish pine trees!”
- Coverdale (vocals)

All night through, except for the solos of course, Coverdale held a good connection with the audience both in his performance and his chats between songs. At several times he held his hand on his heart under a revealing shirt to show us love, and he also reminded us about the fact that Copenhagen was the first place he’d played with Deep Purple back in the day (35 years ago) and also commented that it was possible that several of us in the crowd had been conceived that very night.
I doubt there were many new Whitesnake fans conceived tonight, but it was still a very professional show and I left feeling thoroughly entertained.


Best Years
Fool For Your Loving
Can You Hear The Wind Blow
Love Ain’t No Stranger
Lay Down Your Love
The Deeper The Love
Is This Love
Guitar Battle
A Fool In Love
Solo (Frazier)
Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Bobby Bland cover)
Give Me All Your Love
Here I Go Again
Still Of The Night
Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)
Burn (Deep Purple cover)

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