KB, Malmö - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

On Hammerfall’s tour of Sweden, it would seem that they were picking up small, local bands for the support slot. Ok, so I only saw the one show, but Imminence from Trelleborg was both small, and judging from the crowd, also very local.

The band describes themselves as ”a rough kick of the face”, and well, I suppose we can go with that, but if you want a more technical term, I would think metalcore, or possibly deathcore (as there were no clean vocals) would be a fair fit.
As the musicians went on stage, they were impressively greeted by at least a portion of the already rather large audience, led by a large fellow who, for some reason, was wearing a Viking helmet. It was particularly the familiarity heard in both the greetings from the crowd and subsequently the replies from the band-members which led me to believe that this was probably a closed club event.
The vocalist, Eddie Berg, didn’t show up until the music started, and I must admit that I lost track of the very beginning of the show simply because of his entrance, and more precisely his attire. I could not focus on the music, I could not focus on the performance, the only thought that there was room for in my mind was; ”You can’t be fucking serious?!”

”The deal is simple; we play, you mosh!”
- Eddie Berg (vocals)

There truly is no account for taste though, so when I finally got my chin gathered up from the beer stained floor, I felt I needed to take a closer look at what was actually going on.
At a quick glance, everything seemed to be just as it should be; the band was playing and thrashing, and the crowd was shouting and moshing. Fine.
Only, it wasn’t. Spending anything more than just a passing glance at the situation revealed that it was in fact not the entire band that was thrashing; instead it was only Berg and guitarist Harald Barrett who were moving about in a big way, and that this movement seriously affected Barrett’s playing for the worse...
On the other side of the fence, the crowd wasn’t going nearly as wild as one would think at first either; rather, it was just the small amount of close friends the band had brought along/been stalked by, who were kicking up a shit-storm, whereas the rest of the audience held a rather neutral attitude towards the band.
This was apparently picked up by Berg as well, after he had said how grateful Imminence felt towards Hammerfall and their crew for playing here without getting much in the form of response. He then quickly commented that he thought we were all here to see Hammerfall and that we should therefore shout when he said the name. Hey, at least the guy was trying, right?

The band did get some positive feedback on the comment that they were making a new E.P. come spring, as it had after all been one and a half year since the last one, and Berg also showed some humoristic timing as he announced that the crowd could always find the band at facebook/imminenceswe, or simply in the bar later in the evening...
They also got an enthusiastic band name chant out of their friends as they were packing their stuff up after the show.

For my part, I must admit that actually listening to their music and watching their performance did very little indeed to change my perception of them from that initial ”You can’t be fucking serious”, and the biggest question left in my mind afterwards was how on Earth Imminence got the spot in the first place? I mean, fair enough that a band which hasn’t moved above the demo stage of their career yet have some problems with quality (which Imminence clearly had), but to put a place a deathcore band to support Sweden’s biggest power-metal heroes just seem absurd to me...


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