Vega, Copenhagen - 2022

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Close to the end of the year, In Flames came round to Copenhagen to a sold out show in the large hall of Vega, and they had brought no less than three other Swedish bands with them.
Imminence from Trelleborg was first up for us, as we’d missed out on Orbit Culture, and as this was a completely new outfit for us, despite them forming more than 10 years earlier, we were curious as to what we were going to get.
[editors note: apparently they weren't new to our site, they had just been completely forgotten in the 10 intervening years. our bad.]

“How the fuck are you doing tonight?! So good to be back in Scandinavia again, just an hour from home!”
- Eddie Berg (vocals/violin)

Hand on heart, had I had a million guesses, I still doubt I would have landed on a hardcore band, where the vocalist also plays violin. Yeah, apparently that’s a thing, at least in this band.
Even more surprising than that, is the fact that they made it work. The metallic part of the music was fast, hard, and aggressive, and the violin, played mostly slower and pining, lent a deliciously sombre tone to the overall impression. On a technical side, I was impressed how Berg managed to pull off both playing and screaming at the same time - the violin is not an easy instrument to master, and here it was played as close to flawless as anyone could hope for under the circumstances; there were very few mistakes to be found.

The entire band gave a highly spirited performance, and were rocking out from the first note to the last. They were headbanging wildly, moving around lots on stage, and in ∞ Berg even jumped down to the security pit, to stand on the fence to sing for a bit, before running round the building to find his way back to the stage.
While being appreciative of the band, the crowd wasn’t quite living up to the same standard. To begin with, there was some spread out swaying to the rhythm and polite shouts between songs, but upon reaching Paralyzed, the band’s energy had finally infected some in the crowd enough to get a moshpit going.

For my part, Imminence isn’t necessarily a band I will seek out to just sit and listen to. That’s not a negative remark on the band though, our styles just aren’t a full match.
Still, I was highly appreciative of what they brought to the table this evening, and they gave us a great entry to the rest of the show.


I Am Become A Name…
The Sickness
Chasing Shadows

Heaven In Hiding


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